Weather details for fantasi cricket Lord's London ground

Time WeatherTemp Feels Rain Cloud SpeedGust   DirHum  Press  
Overview: Rain 12mm : Max temp 28°C : Min temp 13°C
Tue 25 JUN 2019
3 - 6Weather conditions18°C19°C1.8mm100%7mph18mphWind direction86%1016mB
6 - 9Weather conditions18°C19°C9.0mm100%7mph13mphWind direction92%1016mB
9 - 12Weather conditions20°C21°C1.2mm97%7mph13mphWind direction82%1017mB
12 - 15Weather conditions22°C23°C0.0mm98%6mph9mphWind direction72%1018mB
15 - 18Weather conditions22°C23°C0.0mm100%7mph12mphWind direction77%1020mB
18 - 21Weather conditions22°C21°C0.0mm100%8mph12mphWind direction79%1021mB
21 - 24Weather conditions

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